I was born on 12th January 1983, Wednesday, in Karachi, Pakistan in the morning at around 10 am to be specific.                                                             

     I have 4 siblings; 2 brothers and 2 sisters. All of my siblings are younger than me and I am the eldest.

    We are Muslims and ethnically muhajirs (immigrants) hailing from the grounds of Patna, Bihar, India - our ancestors having migrated to Karachi, Pakistan in 1955. 

Early Childhood And Studies

    My first four years of childhood (1983-1987) were spent in North Nazimabad town of Karachi in a house having three rooms in a joint family system. My mom (Rukhsana), me and my sis (Asma), who is a year younger than me, lived in the house along with my paternal grandmother and my uncle's (dad's brother's) family. They had three children while i and my sis were two kids making a total of five mischief makers in the house. My dad (Khurshid) had a job posting in in Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia. He visited us occasionally, with toys for everyone of course. 
    In that joint family house in Karachi My chachi (dad's brother's wife) usually fought with everyone and there were lot of fights between my mom and her and between her and my grandmother and between her and my other uncles and aunts who came to visit our dadi. Though we five kids passed away our time playing and playing oblivious to the happenings. My mother enrolled me in Nursery at a local school "Sultan Syed School" when I was three years old. I clearly remember that day as I cried the whole day as I didn't like the prospect of parting from my dear mom.                

    Then, when I was five years old we shifted to Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia in April 1988. My paternal grandmother died in 1989 and that house in North Nazimabad was sold off.  My Dad had been working in Saudi Naval Base in the port city of Al-Jubail as a Mechanical Engineer. He looked after electrical power equipment  and was living there alone since 1984 until in 1988 my mom, me and my sister arrived there to give him company.                       

   We spent 10 memorable years in Al-Jubail, which was a very developed city having all the amenities and luxuries of life. My brother Syed Afaq Anwer was born in 1989 while my sister Amna Anum Anwer was born in 1991. Finally brother Syed Abdul Rehman Anwer completed our family of 7 in 1997.                                         

    I did my matriculation (Grade 10) from a school in Al-Jubail called "Pakistan Embassy School" in 1998. The most reminiscent thing about my life in Al-Jubail was going to the beaches, cornish, fishing and visiting places that our school arranged for students like zoos, ships, KFC, Pizza Hut etc. I regard my days spent in Saudi Arabia as one of the most refined gems of my limited life. 

    After matriculation (10th Grade) we, except my dad, shifted back to Karachi, Pakistan in the summers of 1998 (Age 15) to a house of my late maternal grandfather located in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi. Both  my maternal grandfather and grandmother had passed away by then and we lived in that house ourselves for the next 10 years.

Teenage Life and Adulthood

   Due to misguidance, location change shock, and my own fault of procrastinating, I wasted the next 5 years of my life after coming to Karachi in 1998.  I achieved nothing during that period - no job, no degrees, nothing at all - and wasted my time watching TV or playing video games on my PSOne and PC.                     

    But then in 2003 I suddenly regained my senses after a serious disease due to which I was hospitalized for days. I had time to ponder over my current situation. I realized that I was not only doing harm to myself but also to my parents by wasting away my life and being a financial burden to them.          

     After being dispatched from the hospital and recovering from the illness, I immediately enrolled in an intermediate program in 2003 (Age 20).  I completed  the program in 2005 as an external student. (i.e. privately and not going to college; which is allowed in Pakistan). I completed my Bachelors in Commerce also privately from Karachi University in 2007.            

     Meanwhile my sister Asma was married to a USA national, Fawad, in 2005 and she shifted to her susral. (She immigrated to USA in 2012 but got divorced in 2013 due to horrendous treatment by her husband and is now living and working by her self in USA).             In December 2007, my maternal granddad's house in Gulshan-e-Iqbal was sold off and we bought a new house in Gulshan-e-Maymar, sector R/1, a society located near highway to Hyderabad.                     

    In 2009, I enrolled in MBA/MPhil program as a regular full time student at Iqra University, Karachi and completed it in December 2012, with over 3 cgpa and double majors in marketing and finance. The four years at Iqra University were truly the most memorable years of my life - quality friends, parties, seminars, and winning outstanding diplomacy award two times at IUMUN (Iqra University Modal United Nation) in 2010 and 2013.

    In 2010, we again sold our house at sector R/1 as it was located in a bad neighborhood. We bought another house in the same town but this time in sector Q/I at a very secluded area being fed up with bad noisy neighbors.
    In 2014 (Age 31),  three important events occurred that literally rocked my life. My mother along with my brother Abdul Rehman and Anum immigrated to USA, my brother Afaq got married and moved to another area in Karachi near water pump, and I enrolled in a Phd (Finance) program at Iqra University. This means now I am a Phd scholar living alone in a house with five rooms and three bathrooms and a car all to myself. That's fate but I am very grateful that all is well.
    In the end, I would also like to briefly narrate my job profile. My job career started when I secured a position as Accounts Clerk in DHA Head Office in August 2010 during my MBA/Mphil studies.
    I left DHA in December 2012 when my studies was completed and I got a position in Al-Raziq international (Amiza Transport) located at Port Qasim as MTO (Management Trainee Officer). But I left that job within weeks of joining due to incompatibility with management and also due to extremely long hours (12 hours or more) required at the company. 
   After a gap of one month in January 2013 I got another job as SEO Specialist in my Uncle's firm located in USA. I worked for the company from Karachi alongwith one of my friends, Adnan Jivani. 
   Then in March 2013 I obtained a position of Customer Relation Officer at an Australian based immigration firm - AiNIT - in Karachi, Pakistan. I worked in that company until January 2014 when I secured a post of Executive Copywriter at Logicose (Pvt.) Ltd. located near Baloch colony pull in Karachi. 
    Looking forward,  I have plans to contribute my level best for the nation after completing my Phd in 2018 Inshaalah. I plan to open my own company in the future that would finance a charity trust which would contribute for the betterment of the society.

 That's It and That's the gist of my life till now. 

P.S. My dad, a Mechanical Engineer by profession, still has his job in Saudi Arabia but is now working in Jeddah while my mother is a working woman living New York, USA. My brother Afaq has done Bio-Medical Engineering and is married while my other three siblings Asma, Abdul Rehman and Anum are residing in USA.